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I developed my artistic vision through photography rather late in life, after I moved to Oregon in 2004. My creative skills previously revolved around writing. I majored in English at the University of Tulsa and practiced writing as a small-town newspaper reporter and columnist in Arizona. When I moved to Baja California, Mexico in the 1970's, I spent much of my time writing short stories and novels that were based on events and characters I met in my travels. Although none of my writing was published, my skills came in handy as a document translator and report writer in later professional endeavors.

Not long after marrying my long-lost high school sweetheart in 2000 and moving a year or so later to the West Coast, I took up digital photography as a hobby. After a few years of photographing nearly every bird type in Oregon, I realized I was less of a bird enthusiast than I was a nascent photo-artist searching for a unique stylistic expression. My artistic journey of discovery is still a work in progress, for which I'm thankful. I don't wish to ever feel the dubious satisfaction of actually knowing what I'm doing.

This website doesn't take the place of a wall exhibit in a brick-and-mortar gallery, which is where I believe my work is best appreciated, but it represents the love and labor that my discoveries claim from me.

Although I'm not giving this site an active sales page, I would be thrilled to fill orders for prints for sizes up to 16x20 inches, printed on my professional-quality Epson 3880 using archival papers, including metallic glossy. Please contact me via the message box in the Contact Info section about arranging for prints.